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Social media sites like YouTube and Twitter have been censoring Dauntless Dialogue in various ways. This includes the following:

  • Failing to send notifications to audience members who have clicked the notification bell
  • Unsubscribing audience members without their permission
  • Demonetizing videos that fall within policy guidelines
  • Outright deleting videos that fall within policy guidelines and failing to notify me
  • Twitter has deleted my tweets wherein I called out the censorship I was facing


This censorship is only escalating as these social media giants roll out increasingly Orwellian policies and algorithms. It is for these reasons that I am excited to announce Dauntless Dialogue Academy, a “safe-space” for my more controversial work to live indefinitely where the control-freaks in Silicon Valley cannot do anything about it.

You will gain access to the entire Dauntless Dialogue Academy library of original premium content for only $5 per month.

What you will get access to as a student of Dauntless Dialogue Academy:

  • Exclusive interviews with special guests
  • Exclusive short films
  • Bonus episodes of my investigative series like Master Plan
  • Early access to episodes
  • Disclosure film reviews and breakdowns of symbolism, disinformation, and real world tie-ins
  • Free PDF version of my book and any future published books
  • Content too hot for YouTube!
  • Everything ad-free
  • You can cancel at anytime!

Click here to check out the Members Only Archive!


  • Purchase a monthly subscription for only $5 per month. Gain access to the full Dauntless Dialogue Academy library of premium content.
    Purchase a yearly subscription which saves you $10, or two months for free! Gain access to the full Dauntless Dialogue Academy library of premium content.

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Bradley Gillaspie
Bradley Gillaspie
2 months ago

I have been trying to access the academy but have not been able to. Am I a member? If not, how do I get to it?

Adam Riva
2 months ago

Hi Bradley, you can log in by clicking on the “My Account” tab under “Dauntless Dialogue Academy” in the top menu bar. Sorry for the confusion!

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